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Transform your leadership skills with personalized, one-on-one coaching for business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

This skill development program covers curated sessions on strategic decision-making, High-performance Team building, developing emotional intelligence, and creating strong value propositions to scale your business.
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Master the art of the most important function of your business Sales for the B2B segment with our comprehensive training program.

Imbibe newer perspectives and ready-to-adapt advanced result-oriented skills in prospecting, negotiating, and closing high-value deals profitably as per the needs of new-age customers.

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Calling all business owners and founders ready to take charge of their growth!

Built sustainable and ethical business through systems and processes with implementable strategies. Learn the “How” of advanced sales techniques and become the best employer/partner valued by both external customers and employees.

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Leadership coaching
Sales training in India

Who Am I?

How Devidas Can Help You Thrive?

An distinguished consultative Sales expert with over two decades of diverse corporate leadership experiences specializing in building & mentoring multiple cross- functional teams. With a deep understanding of leadership coaching and relevant Sales training needs,specific programs based on proven strategies and methodologies which are easily implementable for sustainable improvement in revenue and profitability levels and more importantly the development of individual shall be our focus . Personalized leadership coaching sessions catering to your specific needs and goals can be designed.Through my program I help any professional or business owner who is willing to learn and hone their skills and be in the top 1 %.


What I impart through my interactions


Welcome to the world of Selling. Learn the functions of sales management through practical approaches, which deliver results in your work. Avoid pitfalls and follow the right styles.


Offlate having difficulties in your Conversions? Implement the course correction methodologies imparted through the program for a quick turnaround.

Functional Sales Courses

Struggling with any functional difficulties? our value-added modules help sail through with ease through practical approaches to functional topics.

Impactful Leadership

Transform into a dynamic and impactful leader through mentoring sessions with our  leadership coaching program. Useful even for Managers on the cusp of taking up leadership assignments.

Confident Speaker

Develop a clear and confident speaker personality whether it’s public speaking or interactions during meetings. 


You have mastered your product or service. How do you attract customers and ensure consistent business? This is a session designed for startup founders/teams and any entreprenuer.


  • Carry out effective customer conversations confidently to express & not impress to win deals.
  • Become an accountable and trustable solution provider to your customers through credible practices.
  • Value Selling- Good sales are not achieved by offering the lowest price. Improve your margin and profitability through tested practices. Customers will never look at your competitors.
  • Better ability to connect with customers both at emotional and cognitive levels through rapport building and empathic listening.
  • Ask insightful & transformational questions to gain a complete understanding of needs and opportunities.
  • Effectively position your product & services above transactional levels for better. visibility above the rest. 
  • Confirming alignment and agreement to the proposal.
  • Art of negotiating the best deals.

Who Can Benefit & transform?

professional employee

B2B Sales Professionals

Team Managers- Zonal/Regional Sales Heads

Business Unit Heads

Functional Heads

Entreprenuers - Start up Founders/Co Founders


Transform and build a high performance team though our Sales training

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Leadership coaching

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